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This is a song I wrote for baptisms at my local church. It’s based on the explanation of baptism as found in Romans 6. In this video, I am also the vocalist and acoustic guitar player.

This is a song I co-wrote with two other worship leaders at a songwriter’s retreat. The band at Oral Roberts University picked it up and recorded it on their album “Come Like a Flood.”

This is a sample of my leading at my current local church. These are songs written in the 2010s (such as Lion and the Lamb) and the 1200s (such as All Creatures of Our God & King). I love leading modern music, and traditional melodies with modern music beds. Our music reflects the culture of the Pacific Northwest and the Portland metro area.

Lion and the Lamb (0:00)
Grace Alone (4:25)
Amazing Grace (6:45)
Made Alive (10:35)
Nothing But the Blood/King of my Heart (14:15)
All Creatures of Our God & King (17:55)
The Mighty Hand of God (22:10)
Speaking (25:30)
The Solid Rock (26:55)

I wrote, recorded, edited, produced, and promoted this nine-episode season of a podcast. This is a great overview of my theology of worship, and this first episode tells a bit of my story.

For more episodes, click here.

This is a compilation of songs that have been written and recorded by my current local church. As the Music & Creative Pastor, I’ve overseen each of these projects and artists.

  1. Hope Has Found by Shawn Turek

  2. We Belong Together by Tyler Clarensau

  3. Night Will Be No More by Dirt & Divine

  4. Between the Trees by Kristie Saccenti

  5. Because He Lives by Kristie Saccenti

  6. Name of Jesus High by Tyler Clarensau

  7. The Water by Tyler Clarensau

  8. Barabbas’ Song Live from Good Friday

  9. Death Met Grace by Clarensau

  10. Salvation Has Been Found by Clarensau

  11. Nothing But the Blood by Clarensau

  12. I Hear the Saviour Say by Clarensau

This is a live recording of Come Thou Fount at my local church.

This was my main musical outlet before beginning working on music in the church, and I’ve continued working on it while working in the church.